Online entry form

Entries will be collected by an electronic form ONLY through EurILCA.
  1. A sailor has to register to enter in to the website.
  2. At his first entry He has to go to the registration side. To do it he needs to have his ISAF Sailor ID. Isaf Sailor ID is free of charge and in the registration form there is the link to obtain it from ISAF.
  3. Once he's registered or if he was already registered, he goes to the login area or the Entry on line area. Here he will write his username (his ISAF Sailor ID) and his password.  Now he will enter this page.
  4. Clickng on Enter, he will have to provide only sail number and insurance data.
  5. If he's minor the parenta consent prefilled will appear and he has just to ask to his parent to sign up it.